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  • Working together for humanity

  • Inspiring Lives through

    Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana.
  • जहाँ जिनालय, वहाँ विद्यालय

  • जहाँ जिनालय, वहाँ विद्यालय

  • Join the Global Convention

    11th, 12th & 13th July, 2014
  • Compassion in action

  • Investing in the future


Veerayatan Rajgir

A centre for inspiration in the land of Lord Mahaveer.


Veerayatan Jakhania

Education Centre of Excellence – Shaping lives.


Veerayatan Global

Joining hands and hearts across borders to serve the three-fold mission.


Veerayatan Lachhuar

Eradicating violence in the Naxalite area through education.


Veerayatan Haripar

Exploring new horizons through research and development.


Photo Gallery

A glimpse into our journey…


Veerayatan Pawapuri

Providing education and health care to rural community.


Veerayatan Rudrani

Sowing the seeds of education amongst the remote tribes.


Netra Jyoti Seva Mandiram

Selfless Service to ALL in need is no different from Spirituality.

Veerayatan Intl. invites you to attend the Veerayatan Global Convention from 11th – 13th July 2014 in New Jersey, USA

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Contact us

  • Head Office
    Email: info@veerayatan.org
    Phone: 022 66981853
  • Rajgir
    Email: rajgir@veerayatan.org
    Phone:06112 255240/ 255388
  • Kutch
    Email: kutch@veerayatan.org
    Phone:02834 275483/ 265518
  • Follow us.




  • Sushil Kumar Modi, Former Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar

    I have been coming to Veerayatan for the past 30 years. I feel an amazing peace as soon as I enter the doors of Veerayatan. This Veerayatan of Acharya Shriji’s, has borne heaven by her compassionate services. Her matchless creativity has made this beautiful museum an everlasting memory.

  • Dr. Partha Biswas, Director, B.B. Eye Foundation, Kolkata

    I have not seen God. What I have seen is my parents, Pujya Gurudevji Amarmuniji Maharaj and I have seen you Acharya Chandanaji. What more do I need to see? I do not wish to see God. It’s you who has kept me, who has blessed me and for me it is you who are God.

  • Dr. S. K. Biswas, MD. DM, Consultant Neurologist, Kolkata, W.B.

    Veerayatan has impressed us as a centre of excellence, peace and harmony. A noble cause of service indeed!

  • Neel Bhuva, Student of Chandana Vidyapeeth, London, UK

    I personify Veerayatan, as a being. What would its attributes be? I think these could be summed up in two words: Unconditional compassion. This being feels the pain of others with all senses and then successfully reduces it. Veerayatan is like a Jainism text book in 3 dimensions, incorporating and emulating every aspect of compassion Lord Mahavir taught, an aspect of Jain history which must be given due appreciation.

  • Shri Ravindra Jain, famous musician and singer

    In my vision, Veerayatan is the best in entire universe. After seeing this great creation and after knowing about it I use the Arabic word ‘Asharfulmakhlukat’ means indescriptible, the best. Active in the service of human beings, Veerayatan is not only needed in India but also in the whole world.

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