A Time to Reflect – Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji Maharaj graces UK

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With Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji Maharaj’s blessings and vision, Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji initiated Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Jain School (SCVP) in UK 22 years back. This has meant that hundreds of children and adults have been through the school, cultivated strong moral values and have built a deep sense of faith in Jainism. Sadhviji’s frequent visits to the UK, enlightening everyone on Tirthankar Mahavir’s teachings in a practical and modern way, has made a profound impact on us living in the west.


Sadhviji’s most recent visit at the beginning of July this year has certainly been a captivating, mesmerising and spiritually uplifting one for all.

The first weekend was spent with the teachers of SCVP where Sadhviji uplifted everyone with peaceful and powerful meditation and also gave everyone insight on true knowledge and practical application of this knowledge. Sadhviji appreciated the hard work of all the teachers who selflessly give their time in teaching children and adults at the school on a weekly basis. She also spent time with all the teachers providing guidance on the syllabus for each of the classes giving everyone a clear steer on how to continue progress at the school.

There were evening discourses on the power of prayers, on meditation and mindfulness and on overcoming challenges of the mind. In the first discourse Sadhviji highlighted the immense strength one can achieve from praying. She expressed that we all need to have our own daily personal communication with the Divine – the concept of ‘conversation with God’ and to really appreciate everything that we have in our lives and cultivate gratitude.


In the second discourse, Sadhviji recommended the importance of meditation and mindfulness. Sadhviji suggested that we should cultivate practice of contemplation and meditation in our daily life to increase the ‘power of now’, that is, a state of awareness at all times – a great practical lesson for us all.

In the third discourse, Sadhviji outlined the need to remove the unnecessary chatter from being our minds – we learnt that over seventy thousand thoughts go through our mind on a daily basis with over 90% repeated thoughts and over 80% negative thoughts. Hence Sadhviji stressed the importance of purifying our minds, taking conscious steps to overcome challenges of concentration and building a level of self-awareness such that we can take control rather than allowing our mind to be the Master!


On Friday evening, Sadhviji graced SCVP where the children from all the classes showcased their learning. This emphasised the importance of SCVP in transforming the lives of these children. The students from the oldest class, having completed 9 years at the school, graduated in a special assembly by sharing their experiences and being blessed by Sadhviji. The grace showered on the children and adults by Acharya Shriji was clearly evident.


There was a 2 day Shibir in a tranquil setting. Sadhviji with her innate clarity and elevated knowledge unlocked the beautiful text of ‘Kathoupanishad’ to reveal the mystery of the divinity around and within us. Sadhviji with her lucid explanations showed everyone the right path of remaining positive and shedding all ego in the pursuit of becoming worthy candidates to attain the knowledge of the Self. That determination and a clear sense of purpose will help achieve the highest goal. All the participants left feeling inspired and with a sense of calmness within.


On Saturday evening, we were humbled and privileged to be part of a special and unique programme where Sadhviji shared her own spiritual journey. This beautiful and unparalleled “In Conversation with Sadhviji” programme was highly emotionally charged and everyone in the audience was hugely touched by Sadhviji’s spiritual journey, the sacrifices made for humanity and truly inspired by the phenomenal and transformational work undertaken by Sadhviji in the last thirty years.

Amongst all these activities and events, we were indeed blessed to have early morning meditation sessions using various techniques. Sadhviji brought a sense of peace within each one of us and energised us for the rest of the day. Sadhviji also, in a simple and beautiful manner, explained Patanjali Yoga Darshan showing us the path to adopt positivity at all times and how to focus on not reacting to situations but to remain in a state of constant awareness.

Sadhviji has a tremendous amount of energy and passion and the unique way in which she conveys the message of spirituality enables her to reach out to many young minds across the globe. She has succeeded in awakening people to reach their highest potential in whatever they do and her presence is truly unforgettable. We look forward to her next visit!

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