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The 21st century has probably been the harshest on mankind in terms of natural calamities and human adversities. But love and compassion can conquer all. Together, we can make a tangible difference to the lives of many. The people of Veerayatan collectively live that sentiment every day.

Members of Veerayatan strive to help anyone in need despite their caste, creed, religion, or ethnicity. The strength of those who want to do well is indestructible and we would be delighted for you to join us on this journey.

Our members receive annual updates on Veerayatan’s projects. We also encourage each of our members to take Veerayatan’s pledge of compassion in action.

To become a member, please fill out Veerayatan’s Membership Form. One form per member is necessary. A contribution is requested to help us meet administrative and mailing expenses.

Life membership fees:

  • New members: Rs 50,000
  • Child of existing members: Rs 25,000
  • Youth life membership fees (up to 35 years): Rs 25,000

You may send a money order via cheque or draft (payable to Veerayatan) along with your form to:

Veerayatan – Rajgir
C/o Administrator
Rajgir. Dist. Nalanda
Bihar – 803 116 – India
Phone: 06112 – 255013

We also accept online payments. Click here to pay online.