Mission and Vision


“Compassion in Action”

“The flame of one candle can light thousands of others.”
- Tirthankar Mahavir (599-527 BC)


Veerayatan stands on the three pillars of Seva (service to humanity), Shiksha (education for all), and Sadhana (self-development) to inspire and empower lives.


Veerayatan is derived from the words ‘Veer’ for Lord Mahavir and ‘aayatan’ which means holy place. In keeping with its meaning, the organization unanimously serves all socio-economic-religious classes. Run by the radiant, Acharya Shri Chandanaji, it was inspired by the teachings of Tirthankar Mahavir and Rashtrasant Amar Muniji Maharaj.

Since its inception in 1973, Veerayatan has transformed several lives; those who weren’t as much as acknowledged as part of society. It has served as a beacon of hope for millions. It has facilitated incredible impact through extraordinary service towards alleviating human suffering.

Our journey sees turmoil as we continually work in the remotest and most in-need pockets of the world. But we strive to bring about a tangible change to maximum people irrespective of their backgrounds with the undeterred guidance and leadership of Acharya Shriji. It is with her clairvoyance, courage, and compassion that Veerayatan is a world-renowned philanthropic organization today.

Veerayatan was founded with the mission to directly work towards the care of humanity through health, education, and spirituality without distinction.
It is based on three core pillars:
SEVAservice to humanity
SADHANAspiritual development for inner peace

As of 2016, Veerayatan is actively enabling meaningful projects across the globe. Acharya Shriji envisions the organization’s efforts to grow in leaps and bounds in the future.

Veerayatan comprises:

  • Seva Mandirs, which include medical camps, eye surgeries, and post-surgery care for the most underserved populace.
  • Schools, colleges, hostels, and vocational training that aim to empower masses with an earning ability and skill.
  • Rehabilitation and emergency relief programs in the wake of natural calamities.
  • Brahmi Kala Mandir: An art gallery comprising inventive media to better understand life, culture, and religion.
  • Guest houses and libraries.
  • Prayer halls, spiritual retreats, and inspirational programs for all age groups.

Veerayatan’s efforts would not be successful without the support of an able and dedicated team of Sadhvis, selfless volunteers, loyal staff, and an honorary committee.