Veerayatan International Spiritual and Educational Center in Khandoba, Pune, Maharashtra

Veerayatan International Spiritual and Educational Center (VISEC) is on its way to becoming a haven of spirituality in Khandoba, Pune. Under its roof, the three main goals of Veerayatan, Shiksha, Seva and Sadhana will seamlessly come together. VISEC will be welcome one and all; anyone who wants to reflect, relax, pray, be at peace, volunteer, learn and study religion through a holistic approach to appreciate and raise the value of their everyday life.

Envisioned as a leading educational institution, it will comprise a teachers’ training center, vocational training center, technical training center, a model school and Baal Sanskar Kendra, along with a spiritual center, upashray, mandir, library, a meditation and yoga center, naturopathy center, a guest house and a Gautam Labdhi Bhojnalay.

Located on a hilltop, in a lush green, serene environment, facing spectacular views of mountain ranges and dazzling fresh-water lakes, VISEC will primarily support Veerayatan’s Jaha Jinalaya Vaha Vidyalaya project by providing teachers holistic training. The teachings will be a unique combination of contemporary and ancient wisdom in short-long term, resident-day boarding, and individual groups that anyone can choose from. Once trained, the teachers will be sent back to Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir to pass on their knowledge and positively impact students’ lives all over the country.

VISEC will include the below in the spheres of Veerayatan’s three pillars:


School for 500 day scholars

  • World-class education along with instilling high moral and ethical values.
  • Employing child friendly, interactive, fun, modern techniques and tools of instruction.

Teacher’s training center for 100 teachers

  • Experts to train local resident teachers based in the Tirthshetras over 6-12 month period.

Technical/vocational training institute will have

  • Short courses in plantation, soil study, seeds, carpentry, screen printing, computers, motor winding, plumbing, etc. for rural youth.
  • Cookery and sewing classes for women.
  • Lessons in hygiene and first aid for adults.

Baal Sanskar Kendra will host classes for children between 6-16 years

  • 1-2 day workshops that focus on the overall mental, physical, and spiritual well being of our future generation.

Religious Study Centre will run courses for visitors and volunteers on:

  • Fundamentals of Jain philosophy
  • Ancient scriptures
  • Shlokas and verses; hymns with the correct pronunciation


Seva Mandir for the poor and local villagers:

  • Doctors in different fields of medicine will visit the center on set days in a month to provide specialized care.
  • Naturopathy and revival of Ayurveda.


The complex will comprise a beautiful Jain temple, a multipurpose hall for meditation and Yoga, prayer and pravachan, library, media room, amphitheatre, upashray for resident Sadhvijis, bhojnalay for saatvik meals for the children, the staff and guests, residential complex for all staff, guest houses, administrative offices, shopping center that will sell arts and crafts made by local artisans and Veerayatan’s special products along with a spacious parking lot.

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