Lacchuar is the birthplace of Lord Mahavir. Once a pure and holy land, it is now one of the poorest towns in Bihar heavily influenced by Naxalism. Acharya Shriji saw the deep-rooted need of educating the Adivasi population. She led Veerayatan, with the support of Jaina-USA, to build Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir (TMVM)* in 2001.

But the combined efforts were met with adverse resistance in the beginning. Naxalites and the locals were skeptical about the initiative. During the foundation days, security of the Sadhvi Sangh was even threatened. But, the kind words, compassion, goodwill and selfless perseverance of the Sadhvis had a positive impact on the shunned Naxals. Today, members of Veerayatan are protected by the community as their own.

TMVM Lacchuar directly impacts more than 1000 students each year and indirectly benefits the families and communities of all these children. It inculcates proper academic education (CBSE) along with humanitarian values.  The school is equipped with modern facilities such as a library, computer and sewing center, playground, medical room, and bus service.

“We will create a new Bihar. We will bring peace, harmony, happiness, and prosperity here.” – Children of Lacchuar.

*TMVM Lacchuar: Landmarks

  • Results were 100% in 10th CBSE Board Examination in 2013.
  • All students were awarded First Class and more than 10 students got 9.6/10 CGPA.
  • TMVM, Lacchuar students performed a play at Panch Kalyanak Mahotsav in Kolkata, written and directed by Sadhvi Shri Vibhaji, with the help of school teachers. They performed a three-hour long, live drama in Gujarati. The most significant aspect was that most children had never heard Gujarati before. But they performed confidently in front of more than 3,000 people on the life of Lord Mahavir.
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