Sadhvi Sangh


Acharya Shri Chandanaji possesses the rare combination of patience found in decades of contemplation, and a vision for the greater good. She chose the path of Mahavir and took diksha to diligently accomplish far more than a religious mandate. She has empowered and touched the lives of countless needy people through education, health, and justice with complete loyalty and dedication. But this task would not have been possible without the unyielding support of a team of Sadhvis, who are self-realized, positive, and empathetic towards making a difference to mankind.

Upadhyaya Sadhvi Shri Yashaji

Her insight is both vast and profound. She is adept at writing holy scripts and discourses in various languages.

Sadhvi Shri Sadhnaji

As one of the elders at Brahmi Kala Mandir, she is a source of inspiration. She is Editor, Sri Amar Bharti, a monthly magazine that dispenses a deep knowledge on Indian philosophy and religion.

Dr Sadhvi Shri Chetanaji

Born in a Gujarati family, she is Acharya Shriji’s first disciple. She served in the first-ever initiative of Veerayatan in 1974 and later, the eye hospital for more than 40 years. She has translated Acharya Shriji’s literature into Gujarati. Currently, she is part of the Mumbai center after a successful stint in Rajgir.

Sadhvi Shri Vibhaji

Erudite in Gujarati literature, she can be found contributing to religious work and fulfilling her responsibilities efficiently.

Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shri Shubhamji

Nominated Yuvacharya, she is in an expert at Jain, Vedic, and Buddhist religion, philosophy, and literature. She has travelled overseas for 26 years and contributed greatly in flourishing Jainism.

Sadhvi Shri Shrutiji

A conscientious sadhvi, she enjoys teaching children.

Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji

A post graduate, she has contributed vastly in the development and operation of Veerayatan Vidhyapeeth, Kutch and the new Veerayatan school in Nepal. For 26 years, she has travelled all over the world and played a vital role in establishing Shri Chandana Vidhyapeeth in Kenya and the UK.

Dr Sadhvi Shri Sampragyaji

One to take diksha in 1992, she has wholeheartedly been dedicated to the cause of Veerayatan since then. She plays an instrumental role in the growth and operation of the Pawapuri College and Netra Jyoti Seva Mandiram. She played a key part in the establishment of Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir too.

Sadhvi Shri Rohiniji

She runs a prayer service, which comprises melodious hymns promoting Acharya Shriji’s inspiring principles and inculcating in listeners a sense of devotion.

Sadhvi Shri Sanghamitraji

She lived in the US before she took diksha. She has translated the spiritual and social welfare messages of Acharya Shriji into melodious songs, and conveyed them to people around the world. She is now efficiently handling Veerayatan Global.

Sadhvi Shri Sumedhaji

A sadhvi since 1999, she has dignified Bihar’s glory and currently renders significant services in Kutch.

Sadhvi Shri Manasviji

She took diksha in 2013. She belongs to an extremely religious family of Rajkot, who have been dedicated to Veerayatan for many years. At present, she is part of the Nepal Project.