Since its inception in 1973, Veerayatan has directly or indirectly touched many lives. A few of these humanitarians talk about their experiences with the organization:


Dr L M Singhvi, Ex-India High Commissioner in the UK

The 25th year of Veerayatan is a sign of of the direction this movement will take in the coming years. The journey of Veerayatan up to this silver jubilee has been tough but full of inspiration. Jain Dharma needed a direction. As there is thought, so shall be creation.

Chandra Shekhar Singh, Ex-Prime Minister of India

I have an opportunity to visit this land of penance. The revered Sadhvis of this Ashram, which runs on the might of compassion, simplicity, straight forwardness, affection and good gesture, have been successful in serving the needy and helpless only by their austerity and penance. This institution, influenced by teachings of Lord Mahavir, will go on spreading the message of improvement, non-violence and compassion to mankind in the future. Such endeavors on this scared land are highly commendable. This Ashram is the creation of revered Acharya Shriji’s utter faith and dedication; my felicitations and good wishes for her noble actions and this endeavor.

D R Mehta, Ex-Chairman, SEBI

Spiritualism has been linked with service in Veerayatan. This is seldom seen elsewhere.

A R Kidwai, Ex-Governor, Bihar, West Bengal, and Haryana

The teaching of non-violence is a dire necessity today. I felicitate Acharya Shri Chandanaji, who, on getting inspiration from Pujya Gurudev Amar Muniji Maharaj, is acting upon Lord Mahavir’s principles of non-violence in Veerayatan with great enthusiasm and interest. Veerayatan is always with me whether I live in Bihar, Bengal or at any one place in the world. Veerayatan is not a place but a commendable flame of unanimous thoughts of which I am an admirer.

Sunder Singh Bhandari, Ex-Governor of Bihar.

The work done by Veerayatan during 25 years is a climax of endeavor. Following the teachings of Lord Mahavir nothing remains undone. Veerayatan is the living example for this. Veerayatan gives inspiration to make efforts for elevation of soul. Chandanaji has made it an oasis. It is good luck that peace prevails in Veerayatan.

Sushil Kumar Modi, Ex-Deputy Chief and Finance Minister, Bihar

I have been coming to Veerayatan for the past 30 years. I feel an amazing peace as soon as I enter the doors of Veerayatan. It has become a heaven thanks to Acharya Shriji’s compassionate services. Her matchless creativity has made this beautiful museum an everlasting memory.


Mrs. Bhavna Rohit Shah, Joint Secretary, Kolkata

When Veerayatan began its journey in the 70s, the novel initiative and its ultimate goals seemed like a farfetched dream, a fairy-tale. However, the vision, audacity, and motivation to achieve THE cause fascinated and intrigued young hearts like Bhavna & Rohit, who joined the revolution in hordes.

In the past 45 years, Veerayatan has strived for and achieved the creation of a beautiful, empowered, happy, educated, and fulfilled society; for people from all walks of life. Each of our visitors carries back rich memories and immortal learning’s of Bhagwan Mahavir.

They carry with them the peace, tranquility, and grace that pulsates in every corner of this place. Today, this heavenly land where Mahavir was born and where he attained moksha has turned into a spiritual, educational, and social center for people from across the world regardless of their nationality, gender, age, or belief.

​Bhavna and Rohit Shah are the heads of one such family from Kolkata that has embraced and supported Veerayatan wholeheartedly over the years; their children and grandchildren are also highly involved in the cause today.

I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Bhavna & Rohit who has joined Veerayatan’s journey of change. I invite you to experience the exhilarating energy that runs through this holy land.

– Acharya Chandnaji

Abhay Firodia, President, Veerayatan

Veerayatan is not a school or hospital. Veerayatan is a true and irrevocable path; idea and transparent light and directions for new generation and for the new world. Veerayatan is a thought, an inspiration, a power and a working system. These are implemented only by doing.

Dr Prof S N P Sinha, Ex-Chancellor, Patna University

Veerayatan is a place of spiritual practice in which the essence of love, compassion and non-violence is filled intriguingly. It cannot be said as what inherent power brought Pujya Gurudev Shri Amar Muniji Maharaj here and established Veerayatan on the land beneath the Vaibhargiri. This is the land which inspires to attain salvation through service. Today this land of action with the constant care and inspiration of Acharya Shri Chandanaji has been successful to depict the true living picture of action, knowledge and love. Veerayatan is not only an institution but also a revolutionary system which shows the path of spiritual and social conscience. Veerayatan is a place of knowing and understanding Jain philosophy but ultimately it runs on humanitarian grounds and serves the common people.

Sonal Man Singh, Famous dancer

I am fascinated with Veerayatan. It is a heaven on Earth, it is Alkapuri. I wish to complete my hundred winters by living in Veerayatan. In every corner and part of Veerayatan art is refluxed. I cannot describe the beauty of Kala Mandiram here. It is an asset of India. Veerayatan is performing many social activities to minimize the responsibility of the Government.

Dr Nand Kishore, Kathak Dancer, Pune

Veerayatan is Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

Vinod Kapasi, Writer and Philosopher

The coordination of dharma and science is essential. Sadhus-Sadhvis are doing so in Veerayatan and it has never been done before. Jainism in practical form is emerging in Veerayatan. It is being done on that sacred land where Lord Mahavir was gratuitous to visit.

Pravin Lakhani, Secretary, Ghatkopar Kama Gali Shri Sangh

Veerayatan is a great junction of dharma and service. Veerayatan is a pillar of inspiration for youths. Veerayatan is a dire need today. I request Acharya Shri Chandanaji to revisit this place and I assure that Kama Gali Shri Sangh will continue its support in Veerayatan’s Seva Yagya.

Kajal Parikh, USA

I applaud and admire Veerayatan because I have not only seen it give charity, I have witnessed it renew the human spirit that breeds cooperation, strength and self-sufficiency, leading man to a better life.

Harshad Doshi, Kolkata

Service (Seva) is the body of Veerayatan, Education (Shiksha) is its heart and spiritual practice (Sadhana) is its life. Anybody irrespective of caste, creed, language, sects and territory can take advantage of activities under these spheres.

AAJ (newspaper), Patna

Veerayatan is an auspicious place of pilgrimage. It is a beautiful bouquet made of various fragrant flowers of true faith and true knowledge wherein colors of many sects have been added to attain supreme element. Veerayatan is not an institution constructed with bricks and stones but it is a living view and model, which shall be guiding the new offspring to tread on the way of dharma. Veerayatan has been striving for spiritual, social and cultural development of the masses by presenting the corrective measures and practical actions in solving the suspicions in dharma, culture and other problems of universe.

Priyadarhi Subhash, DOT Student

Veerayatan is a precious asset of Rajgir. Veerayatan is a unique heaven on the earth. With the teaching of Lord Mahavir’s immortal messages for truth, non-violence, friendship, compassion, service, love, sympathy, fraternity noble gesture, etc, Veerayatan is serving mankind and with this mission it is contributing in all-round progress of the country.

Ravindra Jain, Musician and Singer

In my vision, Veerayatan is the best in the entire universe. After seeing this great creation and after knowing about it, I use the Arabic word ‘Asharfulmakhlukat’ means the best. Active in the service of human beings, Veerayatan is not only needed in India but also in the whole world.

Neel Bhuva, Student of Chandana Vidyapeeth, London, UK

I personify Veerayatan as a living being. What would its attributes be? I think these could be summed up in two words: unconditional compassion. This being feels the pain of others with all senses and then successfully reduces it. Veerayatan is like a Jainism text book in 3 dimensions, incorporating and emulating every aspect of compassion Lord Mahavir taught, an aspect of Jain history which must be given due appreciation.

Dr S K Biswas, MD, DM, Consultant Neurologist, Kolkata

Veerayatan has impressed us as a center of excellence, peace and harmony. A noble cause of service indeed!

Dr Partha Biswas, Director, BB Eye Foundation, Kolkata

I have not seen God. What I have seen is my parents, Pujya Gurudevji Amar Muniji Maharaj and I have seen you Acharya Chandanaji. What more do I need to see? I do not wish to see God. It’s you who has kept me, who has blessed me and for me it is you who are God.


Nepheli, 22, Greek English, Administrative Assistant

The ability to have a dream and establish it is something truly inspiring; Veerayatan is a living embodiment of that precious ability. Veerayatan constantly looks ahead to see how else it can help uplift humanity. The people on Veerayatan’s staff are the best example of their community. My work with Veerayatan was wonderful in every way. I felt useful, and I enjoyed working with such inspirational people and projects. I plan to continue to help Veerayatan; it’s truly a great cause.

Duration of Stay: 1 month, 2002

Seva: Distributed relief goods, researched potential donors, established base for Sponsor-A-Child program, played with children, served food.

Hemal, 22, Indian English, Software Engineer

My experience at Veerayatan was insightful, inspirational and above all life-changing. Speaking to the children and absorbing myself in their lives was extremely emotional. Even though I was only at Veerayatan for a short while, it made such an impact on my life. I’m continuing to work for Veerayatan’s causes from England.

Duration of Stay: 1 week, 2002. Continues to work for Veerayatan in England.

Seva: Designed and drafted proposal for Veerayatan database, designed Veerayatan donor form and Sponsor-a-Child form, acted out plays (“The Three Little Pigs and a Big Fat Boar”) for children.

Harriet, 65 (59 When Started), American, Homemaker

Incredibly enjoyable! I worked and lived full-time on the Veerayatan campus and it was simply a wonderful, life-changing opportunity. The work and dedication of organizations like Veerayatan are clearly appreciated by the local residents [in Bhuj, Kutch]; this is shown through the many words of thanks bestowed by students and staff upon the sadhvis and staff of Veerayatan. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this organization. The lessons I have learned from the staff, the students and the children of Veerayatan are ones that will impact every aspect of my life. I look forward to returning to work with Veerayatan.

Duration of Stay:

  • (Aug) 2002 – (Sep) 2002 1 month
  • (Dec) 2002 — (Jan) 2003 – 1month
  • (Dec) 2003 – (Jan) 2004 – 1 month
  • (Dec) 2004 – (Jan) 2005 – 1 month
  • (Nov) 2005 – (Mar) 2006 – 3 month
  • (Nov) 2007 – (Jan) 2008 – 5 weeks

She also works for Veerayatan from abroad since 2005 to present.

Seva: Administrative assistant, taught English

Anish,28,Indian English, Management Consultant

I wanted to offer my hands to Veerayatan because of the reputation it has of being an honest and worthwhile organization. I wasn’t let down. I came because I wanted to contribute by using my physical and mental resource instead of simply sending money. I have had an incredible time, using my skills as a consultant to help Veerayatan administratively, and using my background in athletics and love of children to play with and teach the kids. I have worked with Veerayatan for only a month and I already feel like I have another family. I firmly believe that the love and affection that Veerayatan and the kids of Veerayatan have given me is giving me a new perspective on life.

Duration of Stay: 1 month, 2002. Continues to work for Veerayatan in England as Veerayatan’s VVP Regional Coordinator.

Seva: Established and taught a course for computer trainers, taught English, Veerayatan marketing, established base for VVP, played cricket with and taught kids

Umesh, 26, Indian Kenyan, Electrical Engineer

Veerayatan’s children’s stories are ones of pain, some have lost their father, some their mother, and some both their parents; how difficult a life. Yet these are the lucky ones. Here at Veerayatan Vidyapeeth, they get food, clothing, education, friends of their own age, playtime, encouragement. I have tried to help out wherever some help was needed. Coming to Veerayatan has been very rewarding to me. Here at Veerayatan it is like being in a big family.

Duration of Stay: 1 month, 2002

Seva: Administrative assistant, sorted goods in store room, wrote and researched for website, translated newspaper articles, interviewed children for Sponsor-a-Child Program, played football, dodge ball and tutored children

Kajal, 21, Indian English, Student

I have been involved with Veerayatan for almost 7 years now and I have been fortunate enough to witness it flourish into the world class humanitarian organization it is today. What they have achieved in Bhuj is nothing short of amazing. I spent time interviewing a number of children about their experiences of the earthquake and their time at the Veerayatan Vidyapeeth. Without exception, the school in Bhuj has given them the love and support necessary to overcome the pain they have suffered in the aftermath of the earthquake. I was touched by their spirit and strength but most of all at their ability to never stop smiling. The vision, courage and compassion that the Sadhvis and all those involved with the Vidyapeeth have are truly inspiring qualities and I feel privileged to have been able to work with them. Veerayatan has the ability to turn seemingly impossible dreams into reality and I encourage you not to miss the opportunity to become a part of it.

Duration of Stay: 1 week, 2002

Seva: Interviewed children for Sponsor-a-Child program, continues to work for Veerayatan from England

Benjamin, 25, French, Entertainer, Comic, Juggler

I came to Veerayatan by chance, but ended up working with them for six months! After the earthquake, my wife, who works with the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme], visited the area and I came along to see what work was being accomplished. I was simply amazed by Veerayatan’s presence and impact in Kutch- it was very heartwarming to see people genuinely helping others. I decided I wanted to contribute as well, and Veerayatan was the best channel for me to do so. The kids I taught were pleasurable, amazing and fun—no doubt the result of Veerayatan’s incredible dedication and loving embrace. I will truly miss them.”

Duration of Stay: 6 months, 2001-2002.

Seva: Played with children, teaching children “the art of defying gravity”—juggling

Paola, 36, Italian, Professional Singer

Welcomed as a Queen at Veerayatan, I knew at once that I had landed in the place of my dreams. I planned to spend only a couple of hours at Veerayatan, but the warmth and love which surrounded me from the very first moment and the bright and sparkling eyes of all the kids I met on my tour, led me to make a sudden change of plans and accordingly I spent the next few days at Veerayatan. Since a young girl I often imagined myself helping out in a so-called developing country. I have always felt that where help and care are truly required, it is easier for me to keep in touch with real values of life. Upon arriving at Veerayatan, I felt like I had just landed in an even bigger family where love and light was pulsating all day long. The education that Veerayatan imparts here relives its true meaning, that being of a tool and a vehicle to cope and introspect about the beauty of life. I am thankful to my destiny and to all the people who made it possible for me to reach Veerayatan, Bhuj.

Duration of stay: One week

Seva: Re-organized storeroom, devised efficient labeling system, taught children how to sing

Michael, 22, American, Graphic Designer

Even though I’ve never seen the people of Veerayatan, or the people they’re impacting, I continue to offer my services to them for one simple reason: faith. I have faith in the knowledge that my efforts here in America are being used by Veerayatan to greatly benefit the men, women and children of India. I have faith that their pure love and dedication has uplifted and empowered countless lives. And I have faith that by working with them, I will have done my small part to contribute to humanity.

Duration of Stay: Works for Veerayatan from abroad. 2001-present.

Seva: Website development, publication development (brochures, etc.)

Ashish, 27, Indian, Accountant

Veerayatan is maintained like a family, and every worker is treated like a family member. Even though we worked long hours following the earthquake to establish Veerayatan in Kutch and to provide the local people with a sense of stability, it was all worth it just to see the smiles on peoples’ faces. I feel very proud when people in Kutch say Veerayatan has done a wonderful job.

Duration of Stay: 1 year, 2001-2002.

Seva: Relief distribution, construction work, created advertisements, accounting, vocational sub center development, management.