The Annual SCVP Samayik on the 24 June 2016

Date: 08 Jul, 2016  1 Comment

I found the Samayik a great experience and although I have participated in Samayik in previous years it did not fail to astound. Year on year, it gets better and better although I think that this year will be hard to beat! Primarily when I walked into the room I saw something I did not expect, a wonderful layout of candles in many different places and a huge range of different but beautiful Parshvanath Bhagwan murti’s along the front of the room! Amidst the fact that the candles created an amazing atmosphere when I entered, near the middle of the event the lights in the room were all turned off and that is when I saw something mind-blowing. They were all positioned at different levels on shelves through the room and we were surrounded by glimmering lights that made it seem as if we were in a different world all together, in the presence of Parshvanath Bhagwan. The delivery of the programme was flawless and ran seamlessly. After reciting the Samayik sutra (both by children and adults), the 48 minutes of Samayik focused on Parshvanath Bhagwan. We started the samayik with meditation and throughout the 48 minutes we learnt about the equanimous quality of Bhagwan Parshvanath beautifully summarized by the following stuti:

“kamathe dharnendre cha svochitam karma kurvati prabhustulyamanovruttih pārshvanātha shriye’stu vah”

We worship Bhagwān Pārshvanāth who, whilst in meditation, maintained perfect equanimity towards both Kamatha (who tried to rock Parshvanath Bhagwan’s spiritual progress) and Dharanendra (who supported and helped Parshvanath Bhagwan) both of whom did deeds according to their karma. May Bhagwān Pārshvanāth be beneficial in increasing your wealth of knowledge.

There were many unusual yet interactive aspects that I especially enjoyed such as the Annanupurvi. It kept me engaged and the various stories and experiences ensured that I left learning something new. This Samayik covered everything! We had stories, meditation, stavans, real life experiences, information and at the end a very inspiring talk about the spiritual journey of a devotee. 

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After the unexpected turn of events earlier that day with the result of the European Union referendum, stressing many people out, we came to this programme feeling low, however, we left fully refreshed to put a positive spin on the news. Overall this was a perfect event on an ideal day that ran impeccably and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

– Rishi Shah (aged 14)

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