The oneness of Devotee with the Divinity

Date: 27 Feb, 2018  No Comments

By Pujya Gurudev Shri Amar Muniji Maharaj

It is early morning. The blackness of the night is departing and light is just starting to appear in the horizon. At this time of sunrise, we remember God. There can be no more auspicious moment than sunrise. What other time can be regarded as auspicious? Actually the very moment when God comes in our mind and heart is the most auspicious moment. It does not matter what form or name God is given, because for a devotee God has only one name and form. It is the very act of remembering God that is auspicious.

A true devotee is one who becomes one with God, whose whole being infuses with God. When that occurs, then the devotee has nothing left to call his own.  All belongs to God. However, it is in our worldly life that we say that this is mine; I want this and that etc.

Dirty water flowing alongside the river Ganges will remain dirty even though it is flowing alongside that holy river. Just being side by side will not achieve anything. Until the dirty water does not combine with the pure water of river Ganges, the dirty water will not become pure. When it merges, only then it loses its identity, its name and form and takes the name and form of the River Ganges. Likewise he who has ego will insist on keeping his own name and form and by so doing will remain the most unwise person in the world. Just abandon the name and form and like the dirty water merge with the river Ganges, then and only then can divinity arise. It is at this moment that oneness between devotee and God is achieved.

Where can God be found? For some God resides on Mount Kailash, or in Kshir Sagar or in Siddha Shila. But for a true devotee, his mind and heart itself is Siddha Shila! The devotee becomes a living temple of Bhagwan, where God resides. When there is this oneness, there is the outflow of happiness.

Acharya Siddhasena has said:

‘Radvartini tvayi vibho’
‘God you are in my heart. You permeate in each and every aspect of my life but I too am also infused into your life.’

Just as a mute person who has been asked to describe the taste of jaggery he has eaten cannot say anything, but only experience it, in the same way how will the devotee describe his experience when divinity is revealed?

The early morning time of sunrise is for the path of devotion, not for the path of knowledge. Do not use your mind, do not think too much nor ask too many questions. It is not a time for doing mundane activities. It is a moment to immerse yourself in devotion. When God and devotee become one, at that moment what more do we need or want? Nothing, nothing at all. The devotee’s only desire is that he is God’s.

‘All I want is to be your devotee, this is my only wish. I do not want anything else. My mind is empty, with no thoughts and I wish I can have crystal clear reflection of divinity within me. I pray for this reflection.’

This time is the time to surrender to God, this moment is the moment to become one with God. All that is mine is really God’s. As Saint Dadu said: ‘This body is yours, this mind is yours. The consciousness that is within my body is also yours. Everything is yours. But you are mine.’

I remember a Vaishnava devotee whom I met when I was in Rajasthan. He, with his family, came to visit me. After doing Darshan, he started introducing to me all the members of his family by saying, ‘He is ‘your’ son, she is ‘your’ daughter-in-law, he is ‘your’ grandson etc. This shows that a true devotee does not believe that anything is his, including his family when he surrenders to God or to his guru.

At this auspicious time, we should become one with God. When with all your heart you have surrendered, only then one will be able to say this is your son, your daughter… This occurs only when there is pure ‘emotion’. This comes from the heart. When God resides within our heart, then there is no room for sin, there is no room for anger, there is no ego, instead there is only the auspicious light within. Such a moment if and when realized is just extraordinary.

‘A heart that is overflowing with devotion is a plentiful heart, is extraordinarily creative. It will naturally be blissful. If one is soaked in devotion, bliss will simply happen.’

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