Veerayatan Global

‘Veerayatan Global is a conduit to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other to share achievements, best practices, and good news’

The speed and momentum with which Veerayatan has achieved the upliftment of so many lives across the world would not be possible without its internal stakeholders.

Apart from the Sadhvijis, donors, volunteers, etc, Veerayatan is lucky to have a strong team of selfless supporters that enable the world of Acharya Shriji behind the scenes.

Veerayatan Global was launched as a nexus between these supporters so that they may interact and get to know each other’s endeavors better. Today, this group of people has successfully spread the goodness of Veerayatan through social media and traditional mediums of communications such as our quarterly newsletter, web content, publications, etc. They are the one-stop team that works as a nexus between on-ground realities at Veerayatan and the world that is waiting to hear, read, or experience these tangible changes.

A few of their other initiatives include the Veerayatan Volunteer Program for young adults and a Spiritual Retreat for one and all.

This Executive Committee is led by Acharya Shriji and Sadhvi Sanghamitraji to implement these myriad initiatives.

Veerayatan Global  Executive Committee

Sucheta Doshi, President, Mumbai, India
Bharat Doshi, Vice President, Kenya
Rita Shah, Secretary, UK
Dr R C Jain, New Delhi, India
Prasan Jain, New Delhi, India
Anurag Kataria, Pune, India
Kunal Shah, Kolkata, India
K N Modi, Nepal
Yogesh Doshi, Dubai
Dr Kiran Mehta, USA
Manoj Daga, USA

Alok Sinha, Legal Adviser, Patna, India