Volunteers work tirelessly to impact the lives of communities across the world. The experience is rich in real life lessons and lends you a chance to make the world a better place. Far more than doing a good deed, volunteering is about skill development, meeting like-minded people, spending time at the grassroots, making contacts, learning about career options, or selflessly helping move an organization’s mission forward.

Veerayatan Volunteer Program (VVP) was launched as a platform for volunteers to stay and assist on a Veerayatan campus in India. So far, it has seen adult helpers across ages, nationalities, and professional backgrounds.

Every person has something unique and beneficial to contribute to Veerayatan. The nature of developmental and living conditions in the course of the projects promise to challenge volunteers to be adaptable, patient, driven, innovative, and resourceful.


We look for the following in a candidate:

  • Age 18 years and above.
  • An adjusting and adaptable attitude towards the local environment, dress code, and customs.
  • Respectfulness towards the diversity of cultures and traditions in a particular society.
  • Be able to assist or even lead a project team.
  • Be goal-oriented and strive to make a meaningful difference.
  • Addiction-free and willing to follow a vegetarian diet.
  • Willing to undertake Veerayatan’s pledge

As part of VVP, you will have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience at one of India’s best non-governmental humanitarian organizations. Veerayatan has worked with the world’s leading development organizations such as Red Cross, UNICEF, and UNDP.

  1. Apply by submitting the Volunteer Form.
  2. Read past experiences in the Volunteer Testimonial section.
  3. For detailed queries, send us an email at


Can my singular voice really help those in need?

Lord Mahavir said, “The flame of one candle can light thousands.” Individuals have the capacity to impact thousands of lives, including their own. All you need to do is believe in yourself and act on your belief.

Veerayatan will fully assist and support you in channeling your passion and interest for the greater good.

How do I volunteer with Veerayatan?

Get in touch with us at or call our Mumbai office (Contacts tab). We would be happy to talk to you and lend perspective on how you can volunteer with us.

What projects can I work in?

You can be involved in any of our education or health projects. We also conduct outreach and relief camps from time to time. The website has detailed information on our Centers and Projects.

Can I also benefit from the ‘Inner Development’ philosophy of Veerayatan during the time I volunteer?

Veerayatan’s Sadhvi Sangh imparts spiritual teachings and learnings to members and volunteers on a daily basis that everyone can benefit from. You can stay in touch with us even after you return home to enjoy a more rewarding spiritual journey for yourself.

Are volunteers involved in group or individual efforts?

Volunteer campaigns can be group or individual efforts. All our campaigns fall under one umbrella that comprises Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana; (Service, Education, and Inner Development). We provide you the flexibility to work in terms of time and the way you would like to be involved.

How much time do I have to give?

Volunteering is a flexible exercise. Depending on how you’d like to help Veerayatan, we will offer you programs. Once you join or start a campaign, it becomes YOURS and you can give it as much time as you like to make it effective and impactful.

Veerayatan hopes for long-term engagements and strong and continued relations with all its volunteers, members, and communities.

Can I volunteer part time?

You may choose to volunteer during your free time or vacations. Many existing volunteers visit our centers across India and give their valuable services to the organization at their convenience.

Can professionals be involved in campaigns?

Yes, they can, provided there is a willingness to engage and contribute to the campaign positively with no conflict of interest. For example, if you are a creative professional such as a photographer, filmmaker, dancer, musician, businessman, administrator, professor, teacher, web designer, etc, you could use your skills to design and take on a specific project with Veerayatan. We are always looking for professionals who can support our ongoing interventions.

Can I work from home?

You could choose a volunteering option that allows you to work from home, although many of our volunteers also do field work in order to stay in touch with ground realities.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will. We sincerely believe that volunteers have a pure interest and conviction to bring about a positive change in society; we appreciate and acknowledge this conviction and commitment.

I’m coming to India from abroad; what do I need to do before arriving. What should I bring?


A few countries require or suggest travellers going abroad to get vaccinated before departure. You could view your government’s website for more information on this. It is also recommended to visit the nearest travel clinic before you leave the country.

VISAS: Different visas are required for people from different countries and also depend on what kind of travel/research/volunteerism you intend to carry out during your time in India. Please see the Indian Consulate website for your home country for details.


Currency: Rupees (INR)
Inform Banks: Give them the dates of travel and destinations to prevent security blocks on your bank and credit cards.

Cash: Always take enough cash to cover your travel expenses or in case access to ATMs is limited.

Credit Options: It’s a good idea to have at least two different credit and debit card options such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or Cirrus.

Travellers Cheques: You will only be able to redeem these in major cities; it is advisible to carry them in Dollars.

Western Union: If you ever face problems in accessing money, you can always use Western Union money transfer. Money can be sent from your home country and received in India on the same day.

PICKUP AND MEETING AT AIRPORT: On arrival at the airport you will meet our representative/driver, who will wait for you with a placard with your name on it. He will take you to our center by car.

ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS: You will be provided accommodation once you reach the center.  The room will be clean and comfortable. You will have to share the western washrooms with other volunteers.

The rooms do not have a TV, fridge, music system or any other gadgets but there is sufficient space for you to have a peaceful and relaxed time. During summer, the rooms are fixed with ACs. All centers serve quality and healthy Indian vegetarian food cooked in modern and hygienic facilities.

CLOTHING: We suggest you pack light and weather-appropriate outfits. Clothes that are too tight or short should be avoided. You may want to buy local Indian clothes once you are here.  You may choose to consult with the Veerayatan team to understand the season and carry appropriate clothing.


Summer: March – June, average temperature: 35-45°c
Monsoon: July – September, average temperature: 25-35°c
Winter:  October – February, average temperature: 10-20°c

HYGINE PRODUCTS: You may wish to bring your familiar products from home. Even though most of the things are available in India, they may not be available in smaller towns. It is advisable to carry your personal needs with you.

What additional costs will I have?

Even though accommodation, food, and transportation costs are covered by the center, you will need additional cash for flights, souvenirs, transfers back to the airport or your next destination after the end of the program.

The volunteers in India generally find US$30/week to be sufficient for basic expenses and during the travel you will need around $25/day.