Way of Life- Vyom Veerayatan

Way of Life – Vyom Veerayatan
Calendar for online adults and children’s classes

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Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji (fondly known as Tai Ma), a visionary path breaker who revitalized the path of purification through compassion in action, now envisions multiple virtual learning programs for spiritual and holistic development of all age groups across the globe. The vision is to empower every member of the family to lead a balanced, happy and fulfilling life.

The Veerayatan Way of Life Program is a series of comprehensive online courses that will equip participants with skills necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life and will encourage routine practices to develop spiritually.

The program will be available to all worldwide regardless of religion, cast, race or background.

The range of courses available will include the foundations of Jain philosophy, teachings of Tirthankar Mahavir, learning of prayers, the rationale behind rituals and a spiritual upliftment program for young children, teenagers and young adults.
Embracing this unique way of life will also include courses in other disciplines such as Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy and Self-Management.

To ensure the success of this virtual learning program, utmost attention will be paid to the following areas:

  • Qualified teachers
  • Well researched comprehensive content
  • Language
  • Technology

How will the Way of Life Program work?

  • Veerayatan is currently running classes for children and adults worldwide, specifically in India, Kenya, UK, and USA. Please see the calendar of events below and you can choose to join any of the classes listed. Zoom details for each class are set out in the calendar.
    For children aged 5-15yrs, please see the calendar below. To access these classes you need to get in touch with the relevant named contact as stated in the calendar.
  • Please also complete the registration details set out below highlighting the subjects of your interest. The detailed updated calendar of all the classes will be made available soon. We aim to start new classes on 1 October for the initial period of three months.


1) Foundation course on Jainism
Learning of Key Scriptures

 Acharang Sutra Tattavarth Sutra Uttaradhyayan Sutra Sukti Triveni

3) Tithi, Festivals & Learning of rituals
4) Learning Prayers and Stotras
5) Jain Studies for children (aged 5-15yrs)
6) Holistic Wellbeing
Learning Languages for children and adults

 Hindi English Prakrit

Other Topics

 Jain Recipes The art of recycling Singing Dance Arts and Crafts Astrology

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Way of Life – Vyom Veerayatan
Calendar for online adults and children’s classes

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For any queries please Email us on: info@veerayatan.org

Zoom Link and meeting ID will remain same for all the Programs.

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