Origins of Veerayatan in Kutch

On 26th January 2001, Kutch was struck by a terrible earthquake. Thousands of lives were lost. Hundreds of homes were swallowed whole.

“How can we sleep when thousands of people are in tears, uncountable people are homeless, and children have lost all they had? We want to be there.” – Sadhvijis of Veerayatan.

Sadhvijis were deeply moved by this tragedy and rushed to Kutch immediately to initiate relief and rehabilitation. Several stopgap schools and vocational training centers were set up to help the locals get back on their feet. Given the urgent need for rehabilitation and education at all levels, Veerayatan then established many permanent centers of learning in Kutch. These are spread across five locations: Jakhania, Haripar, Rudrani, Punadi, and Asambia.

Read on to learn how Veerayatan is creating a revolution in the field of education in Kutch.





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