Perched on the foundation of Shiksha (education for all), Seva (service to humanity), and Sadhana (self-development), Veerayatan has tangibly made a difference in India since 1973. It has tirelessly worked towards providing quality healthcare, education, and mediums for inner development to people across the globe. But none of this would have been possible without the kind-hearted generosities of so many believers.

For further details, or to simply get in touch with queries on how to donate, please write to us at

We accept donations in the form of:

1. Drafts/cheques made payable to VEERAYATAN that can be mailed to:

Veerayatan Central Office,
Vimukti 1402, Glen Classic, Hiranandani Business Park,
Powai, Mumbai 400 076, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 022 66981853.

Veerayatan Global Contact Office
D-5 Everest Chambers, 8th floor,
156, Tardeo Road, (Above Bank of Baroda)
Mumbai, India 400 034.
Contact Us : +9122 23522369

Veerayatan Rajgir,
Rajgir, District Nalanda,
Bihar – 803 116 India
Phone: 06112 255013/ 255338

Veerayatan Vidyapeeth Jakhania,
Bhuj Mandvi Road, Tal. Mandvi, Kutch 370 460,
Gujarat, India
Phone: 02834 275483/ 275 252

2. Online payments

Please click below to learn more about how you can

Educate a Child


Veerayatan has successfully established schools and colleges in the remotest parts of India; currently, our institutes comprise 6000 students. The education goals of approximately 40% students are supported through donations from sponsors like you.

This donation option is specifically designed to support Veerayatan’s Educate a Child program. Through this platform, your funds become a beacon of hope in the life of an orphan child, or one with a single parent, or one who comes from a severely economically disadvantaged background. You can fund the education, medical expenses, training in social skills (such as public speaking, presentation, inner development, self-esteem coaching, etc), a few vocational skills, computer courses, extra-curricular activities (such as cultural events, singing, music, dancing, drawing, acting, etc) and sports of someone truly in need.


Sponsor a Patient


Since 1973, Veerayatan’s Netra Jyoti Seva Mandiram has provided eye care and surgery for the rural population of Bihar.

This facility has extended care to over 20 lakh patients so far, and has earned a nationwide standing for exceptional patient care, advanced medical care, and surgical treatments provided at subsidized rates or no cost at all.

Thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted contributors, Veerayatan is able to provide this care to approximately 75,000 patients in its eye OPDs and over 15,000 eye surgeries every year.

But many more are in need of your help. You can sponsor the eye treatment of a patient by donating an amount that suits you best.


Support The Cause


Veerayatan aims to uplift and empower people through humanitarian efforts, education and inner development.

It has continually been recognized as one of the most honest and efficient non-government organizations in India.

As a non-profit organization, we use 100% of the donations we receive directly towards uplifting the needy.

Once you specify the cause you want to support, we will ensure that your funds will be channeled exclusively towards it.

This website is a channel for you to completely learn about our various missions, projects, centers, and how we are making a difference in the remotest villages of India; more so, how YOU can help us make a difference.


A. Donation Scheme – For Veerayatan, Bihar

Your donation of INR Will be used for
1,001 Jeev Daya, Goshala for one day
1,500 One eye operation with IOL (lens)
7,000 ‘Sthai Tithi’ – one eye operation every year
11,000 A child’s education for one year (tuition, books, stationery, etc)
15,000 One issue of ‘Shri Amar Bharti’ (monthly magazine)
25,000 One panel of the ‘Brahmi Kala Mandiram’
31,000 ‘Sthai Tithi’of ‘Gautam Labdhi’; Bhojnayalay for one day every year
50,000 Life membership of Veerayatan
51,000 One eye camp (50 cataract surgeries)

B. Donation Schemes - For Veerayatan, Kutch

Your donation of INR Will be used for
3,100 Education and boarding expenses of one child for one month
11,000 One meal for one day for the whole Veerayatan Campus
15,000 Education expenses of one child for one year (tuition, books, stationery, uniform, etc)
25,000 Operational expenses of one vocational training center for one month
31,000 Boarding and education expenses for one school child for one year
51,000 Education expenses for one college student for one year
1,00,000 Adopting Veerayatan, Kutch for one day
1,00,000 Boarding and education expenses for one college student for one year

C. General Donation

Through a General Donation, you may choose to aid a mission at Veerayatan that needs immediate attention. Your funds will be used either in the area of health, education, nutrition, environmental protection, a Jeev-Daya, etc. Further, you may choose to specify the project you’d like your funds to be directed towards. A receipt will be posted to you as soon as the donation is received, which will indicate where your contribution has been used.

D. Gift Donation

Given the scale and momentum of construction, rehabilitation, and support activities taken up by the organization, we regularly require specific materials (mentioned below). If you’d like to help us by supplying one or more of these materials, get in touch and we will make appropriate arrangements to have it collected.

For Distribution:

  • Food
  • Clothing; sarees and dhotis (more than 5000/annum)
  • Blankets (more than 5000/annum)
  • School supplies for over 6000 students

Medical Supplies

  • Eye glasses, intraocular eye lenses, syringes, painkillers and antibiotics
  • Other medical aid for eye operations


  • Computers, printers, cameras and hardware


  • Office and school tables, chairs, desks, black boards, and water coolers

Construction material for upcoming and ongoing projects

Any other material that may be useful to the efforts of Veerayatan is welcome.


Veerayatan is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act and the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA), number 031340017, dated 25.07.1990. It is a tax exempt organization under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 80G and 35AC. Our registered 501 (c) (3) status ensures that the donor gets a tax deduction in the United States for funds donated toward any of Veerayatan’s humanitarian activities. U.S. Tax ID Number: 52-1956271. Our registered status also ensures that the donors get a tax deduction in England for funds donated toward any of Veerayatan’s humanitarian activities. U.K. Tax ID Number: 1052906.

Veerayatan is a registered organization and has its trademark registered with Trade Mark Registry, Government of India. It does not have any other offices or sister organizations except those mentioned on this website. We do not collect funds through any individuals apart from our designated office bearers who are mentioned on this platform. All of them, along with the Sadhvi Sangh, are listed on the website.

Further, the work of Veerayatan also falls under Section 135 of the Cos Act (read with Schedule VII) lists activities which may be included by companies in their CSR policy.

As prescribed in Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 (CSR Rules), if a company decides to undertake its CSR activities through a registered trust or a registered society or company, which is not established by the company either singly or along with its holding or subsidiary or associate company, or along with any other company or holding or subsidiary or associate company of such other company, then there are certain additional requirements which need to be met, for instance:

1) The organization shall have an established track record of three years in undertaking similar programs or projects.

2) Expenditure relating to the CSR projects or programs or activities undertaken in India only shall amount to CSR Expenditure.

We are not responsible/liable if any individual (Sadhu/ Sadhvi or Shravak/Shravika) misuses the name of Veerayatan for unlawful fundraising.